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WARNING: Without the advice and help of an attorney, you may be putting yourself, your personal property, and your money at risk. To get a referral to an attorney, call the State Bar of Texas Lawyer
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Hello I'm Adam to keel the principal attorney at the keel law firm in Bedford Texas where I held clients in the Dallas and Fort Worth area with their employment law family law and other litigation needs today's video is going to explore the different kinds of types of courts that are available across the North Texas region we have pretty much every type of court that could be found within a region of a state particularly Texas of course within our area because we have counties of such different population levels, and we have the cord DFW area which is a large economic and population center within the country, so we'll talk about the federal courts a little we'll talk about the municipal courts a little, but we'll spend the bulk of our time talking about the county and district level courts that are created under state law because these are the majority of the cords or at least a prominent cord within our area, so we'll start off with the federal courts the federal courts in all of North Texas fall within one Federal District which has its own court system and that's the Northern District of Texas the Northern District of Texas comprises DFW all of what is now sort of considered the North Texas metropolitan area as well as some expanded areas within Texas these courts don't have one centralized courthouse instead there are multiple divisions within the district that have their own courts that that all together comprise the Northern District, so there's a division in Dallas and a separate division Fort Worth and there are some other divisions but those chords all fall within the Northern District, and they handle all cases brought under federal law both civil and criminal within the geographic area that makes up the northern dish aside from a very small number of specific types of cases that are brought within special federal courts otherwise they're going to handle any kind of civil lawsuits criminal charges brought up under federal law and bankruptcy within the district these courts are governed under federal law and not at all by state law, and so they're completely distinct from all the other courts we're going to talk about second let's talk about the municipal courts numerically these are the most numerous courts within the North Texas area and that's because pretty much every city has its own municipal court the municipal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction they only hear certain types of low-level misdemeanors like traffic tickets and violations of city code or city ordinance like curfew tickets and other kinds of like property issues if your house isn't kept at the standards or whatever you might get a ticket from code enforcement and the municipal court in that city is going to have jurisdiction over that case otherwise the municipal courts lack jurisdiction to hear civil lawsuits or more severe criminal offenses, but the municipal courts are low-level courts and so although they're the most numerous they're not the most prominent...
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